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My name is Luke Swenson, and I live in Lakehills, a small community about 30 miles west of San Antonio, Texas. Making knives has been a labor of love for me for over 7 years now. If you're here looking for a "super knife" - one that never needs sharpening and cuts through plates of steel - well, you won't find that here.


However, what you will find at Swenson Knives is a quality tool, made entirely by me from as many American made components as I can possibly buy, backed by my personal life-time warranty. I pride myself on sole authorship of all my knives.


From the raw bar stock to the American tanned leather that holds your knife on your belt, each individual knife is crafted with patience and care. These knives feature superior toughness and edge holding, balanced with ease of resharpening. Swenson Knives are guranteed to be one-of-a-kind, custom made, and a tool that will last for years to come.


Thanks for visiting Swenson Knives! Please take a look at my past work, see what pieces I currently have available, and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have


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by Joshua Swanagon
"Slip-Joint Specialist and Leather Craftsman - Since [2003], Swenson has surrounded himself with some of the finest makers in the industry...Starting with camp and hunting and eventually tactical knives, Swenson made the move to slip-joint folders about three years ago and has found a new love there...Perhaps the only thing that rivals his knife making is his skill with leather, which he uses to craft his own sheaths using the leather tools he inherited from his father... [If] you purchase a knife from him, you can rest assured that it's a hand-made custom knife."

What some folks have to say about Swenson Knives...

The Norseman, Survivology 101
"This is an heirloom quality set of knives that will be passed along to my children. Luke Swenson is truly a master of his trade and I would not hesitate to contact him for future projects. The precision and attention to every detail of the design was flawless. He inserted his own experience in the choice of steel and the type of grind on the blades without any reservation. His expertise enhances the design and completed the pair where my experience was limited. The knives perform almost magically when the proper techniques are used during cutting chores."(Click here to read full review)

Waysun Johnny Tsai
"I stopped by Swenson Knives on the last day of Blade 2012 and checked out Luke Swenson's Stealth Tanto...JUST AWESOME work."

Swenson Knives "Hardcore knives for
hardcore adventure"