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Joshua Swanagon, Associate Editor/Art Director Survival Quarterly Magazine

I got [a] gorgeous little piece of steel from my good friend Luke Swenson of Swenson Knives and it will be getting plenty of use. I have a couple of heirloom knives in my collection that will be going down to my son, this is one of them. Luke is an artist and a magician. This knife's voodoo pulled me in the first time I held it.

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Mike McKenzie
"Luke Swenson makes a great knife, folks. I can't praise them highly enough. They're serving around the world in combat and on traplines and with law enforcement and first responders. More importantly, they're serving well. Lives depend on them. I felt almost guilty for keeping this one here in my pocket and using it in the office. It performed excellently, though, just like you'd expect. I was sad to have to mail it off."
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Review: Swenson Custom Sheath for the Hoodlum Knife, www.IfItHitsTheFan.com

Guest Post: Tim Adams Reviews Luke Swenson's Custom Sheath for the Hoodlum Knife (2/16/12)

Since I was already going to be in Las Vegas at the S.H.O.T. Show, Luke and I planned to meet there. I had learned only days before in a conversation with Luke that he was making a sheath for my Hoodlum and that he wanted me to HAVE it to test and report on. Hopefully it goes without saying that I was THRILLED! The idea of meeting Luke to receive a sheath just like Ron [Hood's] for my Hoodlum...was so far fetched that it was understandably incredible.
In short order [Mr. Swenson and I] went from introductions to him producing the sheath and my jaw quite literally dropped open as I stared in disbelief at what he had presented to me. I sincerely hope that you have had the opportunity in your life to behold an artifact that is truly transcendent. Art is art, regardless of the medium, and the sheath produced by Luke as a mate for my Hoodlum was indeed a piece of working art, worthy of a spot on Robert Falcon Scott's belt.
Luke's sheath design for the Hoodlum is a friction-fit frontier style with no mechanical security strap-a design I have always preferred. Because Luke understands the constraints of the operational environment, the top strap of the sheath has grommets on either side of where the handle rests to facilitate lashing down the handle thus rendering it "jumpable";. Continuing down the back of the sheath...
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Video review by The Norseman

Waysun Johnny Tsai

Swenson Knives even made it on to the battlefields of Iraq -

Check out the packing list this soldier posted on his blog, "DeathTakesLast":

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
2008-2009 Iraq knives
Hey everyone Im heading over Saturday and wanted to post the ones Im taking. 1st is The Magnificent 7. These will be carried when outside the wire: Randall Model 14 and Jim Hammond Cobra Gold, Luke Swenson Lil Halcon and Breeden Peacemaker, Martin MRKS4 and Bob Dozier Improved Ranger, Bark River Manitou JE Special...

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